Prime Ministers' Initiative for Solar Power:

The Government of Pakistan under Prime Ministers' Initiative for Solar Power (PMISP) has extended a grant of 75 million rupees to PEC for promotion of solar energy. Under the project, PEC is installing 500 Watt to 5 KW stand alone solar power systems at various engineering universities, commercial areas and religious places. The aim of the project is to create awareness and popularize renewable sources of energy in Pakistan.

Building Energy Code:

Pakistan Engineering Council, being a regulatory entity and having past experience of Building Code, is partnering with Ministry of Environment for effective implementation of the Building Energy Code of Pakistan prepared by ENERCON.
It was brought out to the attention that as much as 30% of the total energy consumption goes to the building sector out of which over 50% can be saved through comprehensive design measures. All future building designs should be based on energy efficient building code, and retrofitting of existing buildings can significantly conserve energy through efficient construction material and equipment. A task force has been formed for continuous supervision and monitoring for the development and compliance of the energy code. PEC will also construct its new Peshawar Branch office building as state-of-the-art energy efficient green building compliant with Energy Code.

JICA Solar Support Programme:

PEC is playing a lead role in bringing energy efficiency and promoting renewable clean energy.
Under the Clean Energy Initiative, two on-grid solar power generation systems (110 KW each) will be installed under Grant-aid from the Government of Japan through JICA, one at Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) and other at the Planning Commission Islamabad. This project is first of its kind in the country, which would set precedence as a role model of defining procedures and strategy for on-grid solar power generation and is expected to prove an effective measure to overcome the energy shortage, emphasizing on solar power, for which there is big scope.